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Early Childhood Development for Calgary Kids

Our programs at Calgary's Cedarbrae Childcare Centre focus on your children's development as a whole. This allows us to incorporate a variety of interesting materials and activities into our lessons, which supports our learning through play philosophy.


Interactive Teaching Style

Fueling your kids' curiosity, our teaching style includes direct interaction with the environment and considers your children's interests and experiences. You and your kids can expect lessons that involve:

Dramatic play time

Sand, water and blocks

Creative art activities

Circle time

Library access

Communication activities

Language programs

Science programs

Indoor and outdoor physical education games

Floor and table toys

Easel activities

Prop boxes

Fine motor activities


After School and All-Day Care

With age groups ranging between 2 months to 12 years old, we offer both after school care for older kids and all-day care for families with preschoolers. We have 3 outdoor playgrounds that accommodate the different age groups, allowing for safe outdoor play time. By grouping children based on their age, camaraderie is fostered amongst the kids, as well as between the parents. Plus, for families with working parents and children in school, we will promptly pick kids up from schools in the Calgary area, and safely bring them to our care centre.

Request a tour and more information to see if we're the daycare centre for your family! We're always happy to meet prospective families and show you around our facility.

Learning through Play Philosophy

Much like Montessori, learning through play is a type of program and a term used in child development and education. The main idea behind learning through play is to provide an environment that is stimulating with various options for age-appropriate play. For example, a toddler is in the physical developmental stage of picking up smaller objects (fine motor skills). A childcare worker can provide various activities that would practice this emerging skill, such as Lego block building, or doll play.

Children use play to explore their environment, understand and make sense of their feelings, and develop their social skills among their peers. The children are encouraged, through modelling and guidance to build social skills, gain a sense of self and celebrate their many accomplishments as they grow and learn. Researchers are finding more and more connections between children’s play and the learning and social development that helps them succeed in school. It is currently the leading way to raise healthy and balanced children.

At Cedarbrae Childcare Centre, our staffs support and believe that children learn through play and the natural exploration of their environment. We provide hands-on learning for children in a nurturing and stimulating environment that promotes independent thinking and an intrinsic joy for learning.



Do you require financial assistance for childcare in Calgary? Your family may be eligible to receive a Government of Alberta subsidy for financial aid on professional childcare services like ours.

Toddler Program (19 Months - 3 Years)
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